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Sunday Worship Services
10:30am – Morning Worship
5:30pm – Evening Worship
(at St. Paul's Lutheran,
604 Pitt St. Mt. Pleasant)
Church Address
Moultrie Middle School
645 Coleman Boulevard
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

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Archives for May 2016

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Sermon Discussion Questions: May 29, 2016

Sunday, May 29, 2016: AMGenesis 2:18-25 How should Christians respond to the moral revolution happening in our day?What should define truth regarding marriage and sexuality? Why?What does it mean that marriage is a divinely established institution? What implications does this have for the way that we view marriage?How is marriage a gift? How does the Bible view sex and se...

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It has often been said that to avoid conflict at family gatherings it is best to leave religion, politics, and parenting out of the conversation. Perhaps the subject of church music should be added to the list as well. If any subject elicits strong opinions and emotional responses among Christians, it's this one. Heated responses may be attributed to the myriad genres of ...

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Sermon Discussion Questions: May 1, 2016

Sunday, May 1, 2016: AMLuke 20:9-18 How does the context of this parable help us to understand it?Who do the characters in the parable represent? How do we see Israel's history in the parable?How does this parable help show the extravagant nature of grace and the Gospel?How is this parable a warning? How does it show the mercy of God?Sunday, May 1, 2016: PM1 Samuel 19:1-2...

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Sermon Discussion Questions: May 8, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016: AMLuke 20:19-26 Why did the Scribes and chief priests want to destroy Jesus?Why did these leaders think they could trap Jesus with this question?How was Jesus's answer the perfect response?What does Jesus' response teach us about our attitude toward government?What is the doctrine of the two kingdoms? How does that doctrine affect the way Christians t...

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