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A Confessional Approach to Preaching

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A Confessional Approach to Preaching -- The Larger Catechism's Instruction for PCA Pastors and Congregants...

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Pastoral Letter | The Unchanging God


Dearest Members and Friends of Christ Church, The world has been turned upside down. Fear and anxiety are escalating. New restrictions are being placed upon us. Indeed, to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, this morning Governor McMaster recommended that no more than three should gather together at this time. All of this is very strange and unsettling, and reminds u...

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What is a Man of God?

Rarely do we hear a Christian man called a "man of God" anymore. Few men in our day live with the kind of sincere humility, biblical conviction, and God-centered passion that would merit such a description. We are more self-centered than Christ-centered. Many years ago, while living in Scotland, I came under an extraordinary level of conviction about my own pride and selfi...

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Luck or Providence?

How many times have you wished somebody luck? People do it all the time. For instance, we wish people luck before big exams, athletic competitions, or job interviews. But why? What is luck anyway? Should "luck" even be a part of the Christian's vocabulary? The Oxford English Dictionary defines luck as "good things that happen by chance" and "chance considered as a force th...

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Scottish Reformation History

The sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation in Scotland was a glorious and dynamic period in church history. The manifold reformers who courageously responded to God's call to reform the Scottish Church included the likes of the fearless George Wishart (1513 1546) who was martyred for preaching the doctrines of the "Swiss Reformers;" the erudite Patrick Hamilton (1504 1...

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Beware of Destructive Heresies

Not only was Peter an apostle (apostolos), called and sent by God to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he was also a bond-servant (doulos), joyfully and willingly serving the One who laid His life down on the cross for the Church (II Peter 1:1; Ephesians 5:25). As an ambassador for Christ, Peter's life-mission was to go forth into all the world heralding the good news t...

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Misplaced Humility & the Resurrection of the Dead

We live in an age of misplaced humility. Rather than modestly distrusting our own subjective (inner) feelings on all matters of life and faith - and with steadfast conviction holding tightly to objective, external truth - we do just the opposite. We confidently trust our inner voice while distrusting objective facts and truth which are outside of us. It's the Oprah Winfrey...

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The Gift of Encouragement

The Gift of Encouragement Don't you love encouragement? It puts wind in our sails, and fosters confidence and joy in our hearts. We all know how it feels to be built up with loving encouragement. It's marvelous. It boosts our often weary souls. So if encouragement is such a profound blessing, why don't we hear more of it? Why are so few quick to offer it? And how can we c...

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From Heaven on High I Come to You

From Heaven High I Come to You A young sixteenth-century German Monk named Martin Luther was plagued with a deep sense of his own sin. Darkness prevailed over his soul. He felt no peace or joy in God's presence. Why? Because he knew that he did not measure up to God's holy standard. He recognized that his thoughts and ways fell short of God's glory and the righteous requi...

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Semper Reformanda & Technology

Are you familiar with the latin phrase Semper Reformanda? It originated in the seventeenth-century. A man named Jodocus Van Lodenstein, a key figure in the Dutch Second Reformation, coined the phrase in a devotional that he penned in 1674. The phrase simply means "Reformed and always reforming." Rightly understood Semper Reformanda encourages churches and individual Chris...

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