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10:30am – Morning Worship
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(at St. Paul's Lutheran,
604 Pitt St. Mt. Pleasant)
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Moultrie Middle School
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Our Future Home Campaign

Dear Members & Friends of Christ Church Presbyterian,

An extraordinary opportunity is before us. We can secure a home for Christ Church. With a grasp of the wonderful possibilities for future ministry, and a willingness to give sacrificially, I truly believe we can reach our goal. The question is: How will we respond to this great opportunity? How will you personally respond?

A few years ago Christ Church began as an idea and a prayer. It started as a Spirit-wrought impulse to obey the Great Commission— to make disciples of all nations (Mt. 28:18-20). Over a dozen PCA churches and numerous individuals strongly believed in, and generously supported, our bold vision for church planting. They committed to praying with us for the establishment of an unapologetically Biblical, Reformed, and missions-minded congregation in the strategic heart of the South Carolina lowcountry. Christ Church was an idea that was too big to succeed apart from God’s sovereign power and blessing. What we are today, therefore, is the fruit of Christ’s promise to build his church through his all-sufficient Word. He has done it! He has done it through his means, for his glory, and for the expansion of his kingdom.

Our congregation’s existence is also the result of the earnest prayers and generous financial support of churches and fellow believers who are passionate about the planting of healthy, Gospel-centered churches. By God’s grace, they believed in our vision. They wanted others to experience what they and their children have experienced as members of healthy Reformed churches. They believe that the planting of a biblical church can make a significant impact on future generations. The establishment of Christ Church is not just about us. Indeed, it’s about our children, our children’s children, and the countless families and individuals that will one day come under the discipleship of the Word at Christ Church in the near and distant future.



Purchasing our own facility, a place to call home, will not only provide many practical solutions to ongoing meeting space challenges; it will also establish us in the community and expand our Lord’s Day (and weekly) ministries to our congregation and community. Its size (21,000 sq. ft.) will allow us to expand as our church grows. Its location, one mile from I-526 in Mt. Pleasant, will make Christ Church highly accessible to the wider Charleston region. Its price point, $3,143,000, is within reach. More specifically, the new building would provide:

  • Newly renovated 5,500 sf sanctuary with seating for close to 400 people.
  • Newly renovated infant and toddler nurseries.
  • Newly renovated fellowship space with coffee bar.
  • Newly renovated offices, classrooms, and bathroom facilities.
  • An additional 12,000 sf of warehouse space for future growth and expansion.
  • A place to combine our three present meeting/office spaces into one.
  • A place for mid-week ministry activities.
  • A clean renovated space to call our own— with no further need for Sunday set-up crews!

Doesn’t this sound wonderful?! Are you ready to help us secure 486 Wando Park Blvd. as the future home of Christ Church Presbyterian? Are you ready to see the ministry of Christ Church expand so that countless others can receive what you receive every week; namely, the unapologetic proclamation of Christ through Word and sacrament? Are you ready to see our local and global impact grow in greater measure? Are you ready to give generously, and even sacrificially, to secure this strategic property? It’s time for all of us to do so, if we want to make this the new home of Christ Church Presbyterian.

Some who are receiving this letter will have the God-given resources to provide a large gift towards this fundraising campaign. With one large check we could begin making sure plans to move. I believe that we will need one or two unusually large gifts to move forward. In my previous congregation, where I served for ten years, we purchased five acres of land and built a beautiful new facility. Most families gave sacrificially to the fundraising effort, but it was largely the generous and sacrificial gift of one committed family with substantial resources that made it all possible. It’s a familiar story in church building campaigns. Therefore, if God has blessed you with the ability to make a large gift towards giving Christ Church a future home, please pray about assisting in this way.

The sixty-day contract / due-diligence phase has begun, which means that we have two months to carry out building inspections, receive proper permissions (e.g. owners association, parking, etc.), meet with contractors, and raise sufficient funds to purchase the property outright or secure a loan. Some of these funds can be pledged over a 1-3 year period (see pledge card we sent in the mail). However, we will need a large majority of these funds up front to move forward with either an outright purchase or bank loan. To carry out renovations (we will soon receive estimates) and secure the building we will likely need somewhere between $1.5 to 2 million dollars up front in gifts— a large, but attainable, amount with God’s help.

The session and Cathy Paterson (church member and interior designer) have worked together with the architect to design renderings of the (almost) 400 seat sanctuary, fellowship/nursery/classrooms area, and building exterior (with signs). We have included those renderings with this email because we wanted you to see what is possible!

In the packet we mailed out, you should have received a pledge card. We would ask that you prayerfully fill this out and return it to the church through the mail (104 Broad St.) or the offering plate by Sunday, May 12th. You will have the option of giving towards the capital fundraising campaign over a 1-3 year period. However, it is vital that we raise the bulk of it up front, with one-time gifts. Therefore, if you are able, please make your gift up front. Please also note that Christ Church is set up to receive contributions towards the building program through the transfer of stocks.

It surely goes without saying; this is a profoundly important moment in the life of our congregation. I am not a professional fundraiser. I’m a pastor. But I believe deeply in the ministry of Christ Church Presbyterian and all of its extraordinary potential for Gospel impact both locally and “to the ends of the earth.” That’s why I make this appeal to you now. Will you invest in a church that seeks to do ministry God’s way, for his glory, and for the health and expansion of his kingdom? Will you join me and my family in giving sacrificially towards securing a future home for Christ Church?

Your Pastor, Servant, and Friend,

Pastor Jon
Senior Pastor
Christ Church Presbyterian
Charleston, South Carolina