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Dearest Christ Church Family,

Warm Friday greetings in the name of our blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As the days and weeks of quarantine roll on, it’s easy for our hearts sink a bit. It’s difficult to be physically separated from those whom we cherish, and to feel the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps, like me, you’ve found David’s words echoing in your heart— “How Long, O LORD?” Perhaps, like my family, you are experiencing deep loss in this unsettling season.

It’s important to remember that our heavenly Father is faithful, and that he draws near to the anxious and brokenhearted. His steadfast covenant-keeping love endures forever. It’s important to meditate on the fact that the One who accomplished redemption for us through his life, death, and resurrection, now sits exalted on the throne of the universe. Our Savior and King possesses all authority in heaven and on earth, and is carrying out his perfect will in the lives of his people, the church. We must remember Jesus’s promise that he will be with us always — even during pandemics — even to the end of the age. (Mt. 28:18-20). Dearest flock, whatever challenges you are facing, remember that God loves you, sent his Son to die for you, and is working all things together for your good. This doesn’t mean that life will be easy. Far from it. Sometimes life can be devastatingly bitter! Nevertheless, we can be confident in the Lord, and comforted by his presence and gospel promises in the midst of our thorny trials. “If God is for us, who can be against us?!” (Rom. 8:31). 

News & Updates

Building Renovation | 486 Wando Park Blvd
The lease for our new property commenced on January 1st. We were given two months rent free so that we could get the renovation project started without added financial burden. Unfortunately, everything has taken much longer than any of us ever dreamed. Working out the strict contract details for added parking, and getting town approval for the contract, alone took close to three months. Since then we’ve been at the mercy of the of architect’s and engineer’s schedules. Of course, the pandemic has hindered the timeliness of the work as well. The whole thing has certainly been an exercise in patience.

The good news is that the town currently has everything they need from us to issue permits for the renovation to begin. Moreover, as soon as those permits are issued, our contractor is ready to begin the work. Please pray for the town to issue the permits soon, and for the work to go efficiently. Also, please pray about giving sacrificially towards the renovation project. This is a crucial step in the life of our church. This building, location, and opportunity were hard to come by. Indeed, it took us over five years to find a space like this one! We are hopeful that it will serve our precious flock and the Charleston / Mt. Pleasant community as a center for biblical worship, joyful fellowship, gospel proclamation, serious discipleship, and zealous mission. The estimates for the overall renovation and other building needs (e.g. sign, chairs, sound system, nursery equipment, furniture, etc.) range from $350-$450k. Would you help us by giving liberally towards this project? Thank you for your love and commitment to Christ Church. We are in this together! 

2020 Giving | Budget 
It is no surprise that tithes and offerings have been down thus far in 2020. Job losses, salary cuts, and the inability for folks to visit and potentially join Christ Church have negatively impacted the giving. I recently received a report from the deacons that giving through the end of March was $92,487.36, which is $76,958.40 under budget. However, the good news is that April was our best giving month so far with $55,062.97 received — $35,000 of which was received through the new Christ Church ONLINE GIVING button on the homepage of our church website — Let us continue to be faithful to the Lord with our giving, if able. And again, please consider giving towards the exciting renovation project if you have the means to do so. If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that we can never outgive God!

Christ Church | Online Ministries
The staff of CCP continues to work hard to provide online ministries. It is our aim to glorify God, make disciples, foster encouragement, and cultivate connectedness during this time of separation. Therefore, make sure to join us online for the various ministries being offered. A highlight for me, and for many of you, has been the weekly congregational prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings. Last week we had 35 computers logged on, with between 60-70 in attendance! Being led in devotionals by men like Joel Beeke, Bob Godfrey, and Ligon Duncan, and afterward joining our hearts in an hour of prayer, has been a great encouragement. Please don’t miss this encouraging season of prayer next Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. This and many other online ministries are listed on the graphic below.

May God’s grace fill you with joy and hope.

I love and miss you.

Pastor Jon

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