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Sunday Worship Services
10:30am – Morning Worship
5:30pm – Evening Worship
(at St. Paul's Lutheran,
604 Pitt St. Mt. Pleasant)
Church Address
Moultrie Middle School
645 Coleman Boulevard
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

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Sermon Discussion Questions: December 27, 2015

Sunday, December 27, 2015: AM
Luke 17:7-19

What is the attitude of faith demonstrated in this text?
How should this attitude play itself out in Christians’ lives? How should it be applied in your life?
What do we learn about the response of faith from Jesus’ interaction with the lepers?
What are the fruits of true faith that we see the Samaritan leper demonstrate?
Why is ungratefulness a heinous sin?

Sunday, December 27, 2015: PM
1 Samuel 12:1-25

Why does Samuel remind the people of God’s faithfulness and their salvation history?
Why is “spiritual amnesia” a danger? Why is it important for us to be constantly reminded of God’s faithfulness and our salvation history?
Why does Samuel rebuke the people? How can the rebuke be applied to our context?
What does Samuel teach the people regarding God’s forgiveness and mercy? Why should this encourage us?
What does Samuel say regarding ongoing disobedience and rebellion? How should this warn us?