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Sunday Worship Services
10:30am – Morning Worship
5:30pm – Evening Worship
(at St. Paul's Lutheran,
604 Pitt St. Mt. Pleasant)
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Moultrie Middle School
645 Coleman Boulevard
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

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Sermon Discussion Questions: Luke 1:5-25 & Philippians 2:14-18

Discussion Questions for personal devotion and family worship - week of November 17th

From "Gabriel's Announcement: Elizabeth Shall Bear a Son": Luke 1:5-25

1. How does the historical context (the history of Israel and the 400 years of silence) help us understand the momentous nature of the angel's appearance?
2. How does Zechariah initially respond to Gabriel? What should this tell us about the proper attitude before God in our corporate worship?
3. Zechariah and Elizabeth were godly people, and yet Elizabeth was barren. How does this help us think about trials in our lives as well as respond to those who teach a "health and wealth" kind of doctrine?
4. Zechariah doubted that God's promise would come true. In what ways do you doubt or struggle to believe that God's promises are true and will come to pass?
5. Pastor Jon pointed out that God uses seemingly insignificant people for his great purposes, and that God demonstrates his grace and strength in our weakness. Why should this be an encouragement to every one of us?

From "Shine as Lights in the World": Philippians 2:14-18

1. Verses 12-14, in which Paul describes the mystery of sanctification, are the immediate context for this passage. Why is it important to keep this context in mind when talking about the specifics of sanctification?
2. Paul calls us "children of God" (v. 15) - what is the significance of this when thinking about sanctification?
3. Pastor Jon explained that Paul is essentially telling Christians "be who you are," or "act according to your identity." What does he mean by this?
4. How does knowing our identity comfort us? How does it challenge us?
5. Why should Christians be the last people in the world to complain and grumble? What are some things about which you are prone to complain? What can you be thankful for instead?
6. What are the ways that Christians are to shine as lights in the world? Why does Paul use this metaphor of shining lights?
7. Paul speaks of being poured out as a drink offering (v. 17). What does he mean by this, and how can we have the same attitude?