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Sermon Discussion Questions: Philippians 1:12-18a

Sunday, the Lord’s Day, is a high day of the week for Christians. On this day, we come to God’s house and we “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8), for our Father feeds us with the bounty of his hand through his means of grace – the Word, sacraments, and prayer. But the spiritual nourishment from the Lord’s Day is not intended to be a blessing to us only on that day. Rather, we come together the first day of the week in order to receive that grace and rest which enable us to make it through the remainder of the week! In particular, the preaching of God’s Word is to be a blessing for us throughout the next six days – it is something to discuss, meditate on, learn from, and cherish as we go about our weekly tasks.

With this in mind, we want to provide the following discussion questions for your use at home throughout the week, either during your personal devotions or your family worship. The idea is to have the questions to you early in the week so that while the sermon is still fresh on the mind, for both adults and children, the content can be discussed with the maximum profit.

If you missed the sermon this week, you can listen to it here:

May it be our prayer that the Word of Christ will dwell in our hearts richly!

Yours in Jesus,

~ Ross

Discussion Questions for Personal Devotion and Family Worship
From “The Unchained Word,” Philippians 1:12-18a

1. Paul say that what has happened to him has actually served to advance the gospel:

a. What does Paul mean by the “gospel”?

b. How is the gospel being advanced by Paul’s circumstances?

2. Pastor Jon said that what looked like a setback for Paul and the church was actually progress.

a. How have you seen that principle play out in your life in the past?

b. Are there circumstances in your life now that seem like setbacks? If so, how does the knowledge of God’s goodness and sovereignty affect our beliefs on this point? If not, when future setbacks or “dark providences” come, how might you prepare now to react to them biblically?

3. Paul was in chains but the Word of God was not. Can God’s Word ever be “chained” or “stopped”?

a. Why not?

b. Why should this comfort us?

4. What effect did Paul’s imprisonment have on the rest of the church?

a. Why?

b. Why should this encourage us in the church today?

5. While Paul was in prison, others were preaching Christ from wrong motives.

a. How did Paul respond?

b. What led him to respond this way?

6. Pastor Jon warned us against being people who promote sound doctrine and yet have hard hearts towards others:

a. Have you examined yourself of being guilty of this?

b. How might we guard against this deceptive sin?

c. Why is promoting a true gospel with a hard heart self-contradictory?

d. How should we think about, talk about, and treat other Christians who disagree with us or who have hard hearts towards us? Why?